TCTP in Karibu Travel & Tourism Fair Event

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TCTP in Karibu Travel & Tourism Fair Event
7 years ago
This year Tanzania Tourist Board-Cultural Tourism Programme participated in Karibu Travel & Tourism fair event with a number of cultural tourism enterprises exhibiting. The event was live and a number of business linkages were established between the cultural tourism enterprises and the tour operators, lodge/hotel operators, international handcraft business companies, Government institutions and other stakeholders.

The following enterprises participated;
  • Engaresero Eramatare Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Tengeru Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Machame-Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Mulala Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Ikoma Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Mirerani Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Ee-yeiyo Cultural Tourism Enterprise
  • Mkuru Cultural Tourism Enterprise
All these enterprises exhibited different products such as performing art (traditional dances), handcrafts (banana fibre weaving products, Maasai women bids/art work), fine art, traditional houses and camel rides e.t.c.

Tour Guides Training - Engaresero Eramatare Community - Based Organization - (Lake Natron Destination Management Area)
Training of local tour guides in Engaresero village was conducted from 12th June through 23rd June, 2012. TTB-CTP with support from FAO managed to train 30 tour guides in basic tour guiding skills and eco-tourism/responsible tourism. Trained tour guides will be registered by the Engaresero community-based organization and start providing tour guiding services to all visitors exploring the Lake Natron, Oldonyo Lengai and other attractions in the area including the Maasai cultural heritage. Engaresero community has realized the importance of offering good service to its tourists and cooperating with the stakeholders of the tourism industry to develop and brand its destination as an ‘eco-tourism destination’. More training for the Engaresero Eramatare Community Based Organization are in pipeline. Sequenced trainings to the local people will focus on Basic English training, tour guiding skills (2nd round), handcraft designing, responsible tourism operation, cultural tourism and business management skills

New Cultural Tourism Enterprises Registered by Tanzania Tourist Board - Cultural Tourism Programme
Tanzania Tourist Board through its Cultural Tourism Programme has recently registered the following Cultural Tourism Enterprises after proving high compliance to the National Cultural Tourism Guidelines;

1. Ikoma Cultural Tourism (Mara region)
2. Ee-yeiyo Cultural Tourism (Arusha): For more details visit:
3. Engaresero Eramatare Cultural Tourism Enterprise (Arusha)
4. Machame-Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism Enterprise (Kilimanjaro): For more details visit:
5. Kondoa-Irangi Cultural Tourism Enterprise (Dodoma): For more details visit
6. Robanda Cultural Tourism Enterprise (Mara)
7. Nkweseko Cultural Tourism Enterprise (Kilimanjaro)
8. Mirerani Cultural Tourism Enterprise (Manyara)