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Machame Cultural Tours

Machame, to the north of the Arusha-Moshi road, is a mosaic of beautiful valleys, deep gorges, rivers, waterfalls and farms, and is home to the Chagga people. Explore the life of the people of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The tour includes the following:
A warm welcome in a local Chagga household Hike through dense natural forests and farms for acclimatization along fast flowing streams before climbing the mountain. Three different views of snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro, where local ancient Chagga legends recount tales of an iron hut that brought them strength. A visit to several development projects in the area (coffee production, traditional irrigation, afforestation, crass-breeding, bee-keeping, schools, health care, food processing, etc.)

There are various tours designed by the people of Machame:
Sieny-Ngira tour (4-6 hours). The tour starts from the Machame Cultural Tourism Centre (Kyalia) and takes you through Kalali market to Masama.Sieny catchment forest is historically a sacred place of natural forests, bridges and caves where local people worshipped during the traditional festivals. Another attraction is the natural bridge called ‘Daraja la Mungu’ or God’s Bridge’.

Nronga tour (5 hours) Walk unphili from Kyalia to Nronga village. Visit the milk purification center run by women and the Kalali women’s group specializing in cheese-making. If your visit is on a Monday, you can enjoy the colourful weekly market.

Environmental tour (5 hours). Get a glimpse of how the locals make pottery for food and water storage. The guide will explain how the conservation activities such as rainwater harvesting undertaken in the area are idea for a rural setting.

Nkuu tour (5-8 hours). From Kyalia, walk through fertile banana and coffee farmlands and learn about an intensive inter-cropping system of mixed crop farming. Also, participate in cooking a traditional Chagga meal before return.

Mfuranungun view point (6-8 hours). See Moshi town, Lake Nyumba ya Mungu (House of God) and learn about horticultural practice at Nkwewele. Hike to Marukeni before descending to the river Semira rich in trout.

Ng’uni hike (2 days). The Sieny-Ngira tour can be combined with a hike to Ng’uni. At Ng’uni, learn to build the oldest Chagga traditional house called ‘Mbili’. Meet Mzee Urassa who will brief you on stingless bee-keeping.

Lyamungo tour (2-3 days) the tour starts at Kyalia and leads you to Lyamungo village where you can learn about coffee production. Visit the Narumu Women Pottery Center, natural forest and the source of the Weruweru River. (Note: Tours can be undertaken on foot, but transport can be organized on request.)

Getting there: Machame is to the north of the Arusha - Moshi road and accessible easily by public transport. Get off at Machame junction, about 12 km from Moshi town at the signboard for “Machame Gate Kilimanjaro National Park”’ from the junction, there is a bus every five minutes up to Kyalia

Machame Cultural Tourism Centre, at a distance of 14 km. (Income from tourist visits will be used to subsidies various women and youth development activities within the area).

For further information contact:
Tel: + 255 27 2753885 / 754 494924 / 784 347369