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Nkweseko Cultural Tours

Nkweseko Cultural Tourism is located on the Southern slopes of Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. The area is quite and full of fresh air where one can stay and enjoy the way of life of local people and natural beauty. Site seeing, traditional dish preparation and sampling; daily economic activities and the history of the people are among other things that will print a memory in your brain

Nkweseko community can organize the following for you;

  • A welcome to Chagga home
  • A Cultural village tour
  • A visit to traditional underground caves, hiding places during intertribal wars
  • An experience of stinging and sting-less bee keeping
  • A walking tour to the waterfalls
  • An opportunity to learn Kiswahili
  • An opportunity to stay with a Chagga family
  • A learning venture to prepare various traditional dishes
  • An opportunity to learn how traditional banana bear is prepared
  • A great traditional dance
  • Schools visits

There are various options for the tours:

Half day tours: 2-5 Hours

Option 1:
Nkweseko village tour: A welcome to Nkweseko village will take you in a reception area with collection of various cultural art facts and old tools used by Chagga people. The tour will proceed to bee-keeping site then to the farm where coffee is produced. A walking in the farm will give you an insight to coffee history and its production in the field. This tour will proceed to the hiding caves and the waterfalls before walking back for lunch/coffee/drinks

Option 2:
Nkweseko Cultural tour: You will get a warm welcome to Chagga home‘Explore the culture of the people and natural beauty of slopes of the Kilimanjaro’ and learn how your host family lives. Take a short hike to a traditional beer brewing site and learn how the beer is prepared and used by local people. Learn how to cook a traditional dish get to know Chagga traditional agricultural system of ‘Kihamba’

Full day tours: 5-8 Hours

Option 1: The tour will have all components of Option 1 for Half day tours and then visit local bear brewing site and a local primary school.

Option 2: After a warm welcome to a Chagga home, visit a local market for a shopping and buy some ingredients to be used for traditional food preparation. On the way back passby a traditional beer brewing site and learn how the beer is prepared and used by local people. Learn how to cook a traditional dish and enjoy your lunch with your host family. After lunch, take a short farm tour and get to know Chagga traditional agricultural system of ‘Kihamba’ and coffee & banana production.

Extra Activities:

  • Learn how to speak Kiswahili
  • Get your hair braided
  • Visit local pubs and interact with local people in the evening
  • Participate on daily African home chores in a Chagga family
  • Visit community development projects

Where to stay:
The only accommodation facility available in Nkweseko village is a cottage with 4 double rooms, two home-stays with a total of 4 rooms and a campsite with capacity to accommodate up to 30 pax. For all of your accommodation requirements, Nkweseko Cultural Tourism coordinator will make arrangements for you at a reasonable price as per your requirement.

Getting there:
Board Moshi - Machame mini-buses until you get to Machame Girls Secondary School.

For further information contact:
Nkweseko Cultural Tourism Coordination office
Nkweseko Office: + 255 (0) 787 484067
E-mail: sam_swai@yahoo.com
Website: www.nkwesekoculturaltourism.org