Northern Pare Mountains Tours

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Northern Pare Mountains Tours

The Northern Pare Mountains are situated 50 kms south-east of Moshi. Usangi is the heart of the mountains and a centre of economic activities. Local factories produce bricks, stoves, pottery and clothes. Some families brew beer in their backyards, using traditional methods. Every Monday and Thursday, a colourful market is held where farmers from the surrounding villages come to sell their harvest.

On offer is the following:

  • A walk through Kindoroko forest reserve, a natural rainforest a top the mountains
  • Climbs to different mountain peaks for excellent view of Kilimanjaro, Lake Jipe and Nyumba ya Mungu
  • A visit to historical relics from the time of tribal war and colonial rule
  • A glimpse of Pare culture
  • A view of the various projects irrigation, soil conservation and reforestation

One day tours
1. Kindoroko mountain climb and rainforest tour From Usangi, hike up the Kindoroko Mountain. A natural rainforest, it is home to blue monkeys and many seasonal tropical birds. See stone terraces and modern irrigation systems, and visit a traditional healer and a women’s pottery co-operation.

2. Kamwala mountain climb Learn about the past and local traditions as you climb through the Chegho moorland. On the way to the top of the Kamwala Mountain, enjoy scenic view of the Pare Mountains. On descent, visit Shinhatini village to talk to local farmers who have benefited from the improved agricultural techniques supported by development projects.

Other tours
Walking tours of several days can be organized. Hike through natural forests, descend the mountains and spend a night with a family in the village of Kisangara Chini or visit the mountainside near the village of Ugweno. A round trip of Pare can be organized from Moshi or Marangu, whereby you visit the dam and local factories, enjoy beautiful views and meet farmers. See relics from the time of tribal wars and colonial rule. From Ugweno, other trips can be organized. Hikes to smaller mountains, visits to ancient tunnels and a waterfall. Lake Jipe is a 1 ½ hour walk; once there, you can canoe to spot hippos and crocodiles.

Getting there: From Dar, Buses go to Arusha. Get off at Mwanga, and take a bus to Usangi, the centre of the Northern Pare Mountains, a 1 ½ hour drive from Mwanga. (Income from tourist visits will be used to promote energy-saving stoves and to protect the environment.)

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