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Pangani Coast Cultural Tourism

A home of Swahili Culture
Pangani is a small town in East Africa’s coast that was 50 kms South of Tanga with long history culture the town has Arabic, German, Asian and British Colonial rules influence. This is a place where Swahili, Arab, colonial traditions and modern hospitality blends together. This town is located at the mouth of Pangani River that collects its water from Mt Kilimanjaro and Meru to the Indian Ocean. Here you will enjoy coastline with clean beaches where endangered Green Turtles breeds, historic sites, coral reefs, Old Port as well as great diversity of tropical marine dwellers.

Pangani offers:

  • Historical town tour:- Explore Historic buildings of Pangani town, slave market, old port and slave routes
  • Pangani River cruising
  • A boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island for swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling and watching dolphins
  • Village tours:- a welcome to Coast people’s home and stay with a family getting an insight of the Swahili culture. Participate in various activities with the family members

Green Turtle Experience:
An opportunity to explore the life of Endangered Green Turtles. Visits to nesting sites and get to know their breeding behavior

Cycling Tours:
Cycling tours around the town to the German fort, then proceed to Mwera, sisal plantations Kikokwe the first place where sisal was introduced to Eastern Africa by Dr. Richard Hindrof and adjacent villages. Other cycling tours can take you to Mkoma to see the Pemba channel, Mwanaunguja corals and bombarded German war ship to the beaches of Ushongo

Fishing with local fishermen

  • Evening tour within and around Pangani town. Get an insight of local entertainments available in the area
  • Farm tour:- visit local’s farms with coconut, various types of fruits and enjoy fresh fruits and coconut juice while rolling on criss-crossing the dominating coconut trees
  • An opportunity for safari to Saadani National Park

Where to stay:
A wide range of guest houses, hotels and lodges are available along the Indian Ocean beach and around the town of Pangani. Camping grounds are available in various places depending on nature of your tour around Pangani and neighbouring places. Tourist information office or tour guides can make arrangements for homestays and overnights in local guest houses, hotels and lodges when making hikes of several days within and around Pangani area.

Facilities for hire:
Camping facilities can be hired after providing a one day notice. Mountain bikes and engine boat can be hired in Pangani town at a reasonable price. Pangani Cultural Tourism Enterprise a boat that can be available at any time. For those planning to leave for Zanzibar through Pangani or Saadani National Park, hired boats are available

Tour Guides:-
The guides of the Cultural Tourism Programme are indigenous of Pangani who speaks good English and have experience in tour guiding in the area. The guides are very charming and will accompany you in leisure activities. Boat captains and the divers will guide you in all water related activities. Bookings for various excursions and tours can be made at the Pangani Tourist Information Centre (T.I.C) located at the Main bus stand. Pangani T.I.C has internet facilities. All Pangani registered guides are found at the office. Tanzania Tourist Board Tourist Information offices of Arusha and Dar- es -Salaam can assist on booking your tour in Pangani.

Getting there:
Pangani can be easily accessed by road. There are daily buses leaving Dar- es -Salaam and Arusha to Pangani
via Tanga. It takes 6 hours drive from Arusha and 7 hours from Dar- essalaam. Pangani is 53km South of Tanga town where several minibuses to Pangani are available. Mini-buses leave once all seats are occupied and it takes an hour to Pangani.

For further information contact:
Pangani Cultural Tourism Programme,
P.O Box 3, Pangani
Tel: + 255 732 976460, + 255 784 539141