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Rundugai Cultural Tourism

"Welcome to the land of an astonished Hot spring"

A Rundugai Cultural tourism enterprise is located 25 kilometer from Kilimanjaro International Airport and 38 kilometer from Moshi town while 10 kilometer from Boma. The area located on the foot hills of Mountain Kilimanjaro where you can view both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru at one point. The presence of different ethnic groups gives you a chance to experience cultural wealthiest of our village including traditional dances and local foods. The village provides unforgettable experience in cultural and natural beauty of the area.

We offer the following activities;

  • Chemka hot spring tour
  • Rundugai village walk
  • Natural caverns trekking
  • Cycling tour
  • Local food preparation and taste
  • Local souvenir center
  • Traditional dance
  • Maasai boma tour
  •  Cattle herding
  • Camping and home stay

Chemka hot spring tour (5 hrs)
The tour takes you to the fascinating warm spring in the village with amazing clear blue water in a beautiful surroundings covered by big trees with surprising roots of the fig trees, visitor will have a chance to swimming against strong flow of water in the spring, camping over night and having a local food prepared by our local mamas.

Rundugai village walk (5 hrs)
Start walking in the village crossing various farms, get an insight on how different crops are grown in different ways and get to participate in daily farm activities, continue your walking through the village settlements meet Pare weaving groups and extend the walking by pass to the market place (only on Monday) where locals sells their local products, also visiting traditional bee keeping areas, enjoy your walking by viewing the two peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru if weather permits in a single point while finishing the tour by relaxing and swimming in the natural warm water pool.

Natural caverns trekking (fully day)
Get to know the interesting history of the Germany administration in our village by visiting the natural caves which was used to hide their equipment’s such as blasting used during construction of Tanga to Arusha colonial railway and later used by Mgonga Chuma an oldest man in our village who live in the caves as his residence until his death, also when you are in trekking you will pass through farms, local houses made from local materials continue to river Kware trails to identify different indigenous trees and bee keeping areas, get to view some primates and different bird species.

Cycling tour (3-5 hrs)

We will take you where you are and drop you to our village to experience the local lifestyle of different ethnic group while cycling.

A biking tour in our village will give you a quick experience while enjoy cycling to different points, also we organize biking tour from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), Moshi town and Boma to the village where a visitor can get an opportunity to experience the beauty of the village while cycling, attractive landscape, farms and the hot spring extend to the natural caverns.

Local foods preparation and taste
While you are enjoying your stay in Rundugai you will have a chance to enjoy our delicious traditional food after visit different localities and also you can learn how we prepare traditional foods by participate in preparation of the food by our local mamas.

Local souvenir center
Is a special area to display different products produced by local people includes sculptures, jewelry, baskets, Maasai sandals, ornaments and other handmade products,  a visitor can have a chance to learn how to make baskets, local mats and local hats. We advise our visitors to buy local products because they will direct, strength local economy, support community groups Create more jobs to the locals and encourage local prosperity.

Traditional dances (1.30 hrs)
While you are at Rundugai village our local traditional dancer from Pare or Maasai ethnic groups they will welcomes you to enjoy traditional songs which aims to correct the society, entertain and special events while our visitors will have a chance to perform with them.

Camping and home stay
There are varieties of accommodation facilities around Boma and Moshi town, also in the village we have hostel and we can arrange camping and home stay for you if requested. We arrange camping in our village for overnight stay in a suitable location also for those who are interesting in home stay we will takes you to one of the prepared family where you will stay with them and experiencing their lifestyle, foods and storytelling around the fire during the night

Maasai boma tour
With Rundugai CTE you can extend your stay by visit Maasai boma to experience the real African ethnic group living culture, in reaching to Maasai boma you can learn on age set division of labor where by duties are divided in terms of age and sex also our visitor will have a chance to engage in Mama yeyoo activities such as milking, fetching water for domestic purposes by using donkey as a means of transport, Maasai traditional dances and finally a visitor will have an overnight in Maasai boma and if a visitor interested for a BBQ it will be available on request.

Cattle herding
We keeping livestock, cattle’s and goats to run our daily lives, In this activity visitor will be involved to experience on how Rundugai pastoralist grazing and milking their livestock’s in their grazing areas, also a visitor will have a chance to accompanied with grazing men to experience on how   herds searching for grasses and water in the bush, this can be done in the morning.

Where to stay
In the village we have home stay, camping and hostel; also there are varieties of accommodation facilities around Boma and Moshi town. We can organize accommodations according to your area of interest just let us know.

Getting there
Rundugai village located 10 km from Boma, which located beside Arusha to Moshi main road; you can reach in our office by private or hired car, and Bajaj from Boma. Also we arranged transport for our visitors per request.

For further information Contacts

Coordinator Phone: +255654523090.