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Themi Valley Eco & Cultural Tourism

Themi Valley Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise lies only 1km from the Clock tower, the half way of Cairo to Cape-town overland journey. Taking the Eastern Kanisa road one will turn left after the Christian church and follow the Mahakama road for 500m before reaching our signboard.

The following is on offer under this programme:

  • Biking tour to Kijenge; take a mountain bike guided tour around Suye hill while viewing the Natural forest and birds found in the naturalforest
  • City tour; an opportunity to explore Arusha’s history, its people’s culture, the natural beauty and get to know all historical buildings found in different places around the city
  • Homestay experience; The programme welcomes visitors at its homes to be part of the family and participate in various activities as a family member such as cooking local cuisines, feeding the livestock and a number of other agricultural activities
  • A visit to local schools; primary or secondary schools where visitors can participate in various environmental conservation initiatives (tree planting and environmental conservation education programmes)
  • A climb to Suye hill while enjoying the beauty of our natural vegetations, birdlife, primates, small mammals and a panoramic view of Arusha town, the Mount Meru and the majestic roof of Africa-Kilimanjaro

The opportunity to meet our respective elder who will refresh you with interesting stories

  • A visit to Arusha historical areas such the National Museums and Arusha. Declaration Museums while seeing women local curio shops and markets
  • An opportunity to see and explore the life of Sting - less bees. Our bee keeping project will provide a good class for you to learn about honey production and ecology of bees in our area Village Tour: An opportunity to interact with local people, children at school, participate in production activities and volunteer at day care centre of Umangu Women Environment Conservation Group is a model in cultural environment conservation in different aspects.
  • Our visitors do learn and participate in herbal plants farming, organic farming of vegetables and fruits, renewable energy technology, improved stove-making, food processing and preservation and soap making. A chance to interact with children and teachers at our day care centre for the children is guaranteed.

Interested people can volunteer and live within the group for a number of days or months.

Nambala Tour
Women groups in Nambala have changed their livehood through conservation management by promoting organic farming, beekeeping, traditional storage tanks, water tanks, stove-making and animal husbandry, including rabbit rearing. The group welcomes you to be part of their work and share their knowledge and skills in various aspects.

Herbal Tour
Kikatiti Environmental Conservation Group is composed of women and men members, with women holding the majority of leadership positions. The group started as traders in selling local salt. Through transformation and innovation, they have grown in traditional production of pesticide control and herbal medicine. The group is currently planting and harvesting herbal plants that cure a number of diseases to many people. This is an opportunity for visitors to learn about African herbs and take back some pieces for personal use

Other Activities
On request, a tour can be organized to visit national parks, many cultural and historic areas in Arusha and other tourist regions such as Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, etc.

Where to stay
Themi Valley Eco and Cultural tourism owns a nice Homestay facility where visitors can be accommodated at a very reasonable price. A wide range of classic guest houses, luxurious hotels and lodges is available in and around the town of Arusha. Camping grounds is available at Themi Valley’s office located only 1km from the Arusha Clock tower, midpoint of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Camping equipments and Mountain bikes can be hired in Arusha town at a reasonable price. The Coordination office and Enterprise’s local tour guides can make arrangements for excursions to local markets, nearby villages, and overnights in the villages.

For further information contact
Tel: + 255 754 288801